Capstone Industrial Training Solutions joins Solaris Management Consultants Inc.

For release March 29th, 2023


[Vancouver, British Columbia] Capstone Industrial Training Solutions (Capstone ITS) is pleased to be joining Solaris Management Consultants Inc. (Solaris) and their group of companies to create a complete turnkey services partnership for the energy industry.

“We at Capstone ITS are excited to witness our growth into an established role within the global energy industry. Solaris is a reputable leader in energy project delivery, and our partnership aims to support and enhance this growth. By combining our expertise in training standards with the knowledge and experience that Solaris has accumulated over their 30 years, we hope to create an unprecedented world-class product delivery service that is accessible to our clients. By joining the group of companies, together, we continue our path of leadership in the global energy sector toward a net-zero future by delivering state of the art facilities staffed by a confident, well-trained, and diverse workforce.”
—Alex Taimuri, Capstone ITS Co-Founder and President

Strategically teaming together, Capstone ITS and Solaris will deliver a complete project execution and training package to the energy industry. The combined, diverse team fosters insight, innovation, and synergy specifically catered to clients’ needs.

While Solaris focuses on concept development, execution, construction management, and commissioning and operations support, Capstone ITS can now extend these services through establishing a training strategy, developing training, and providing training partnerships to ensure competency across the industry.

“Solaris welcomes Capstone ITS to our group of companies. Delivering operations training together with our full suite of services is a unique offering and an advantage to everyone involved.”
—Avi Salh, Solaris CEO

Capstone ITS looks forward to standing alongside the industry experts within the group of companies, including Solaris (project execution), OgeeDev (concept development), Ensol Systems (R&D and green power solutions), Solaris Solutions (construction management), and now Capstone ITS (operations training).

About Capstone ITS

Capstone ITS is a full-service training consultancy, servicing the global energy sector since 2017 with a strong focus on LNG, petrochemical, carbon capture, and renewables. Capstone ITS’s mission is to eliminate incidents caused by human error by producing high-quality, turnkey technical writing, custom training, and competency management solutions for a safe, confident, and skilled global energy industry. Capstone ITS is a modern approach to training, learning, and knowledge sharing by aligning instructional design, education technology, and adult learning theory into industrial operations.

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About Solaris and the group of companies

Established in 1993, Solaris is the project execution arm of the group of companies. Solaris specializes in delivering end-to-end solutions for new and sustaining capital projects throughout the energy industry. This expertise includes upstream and midstream gas, LNG, hydrogen, RNG, renewables, and technology solutions.

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OgeeDev offers front-end collaborative project consulting, enhancing full lifecycle value through early assessment of the technical, economic, operational, community engagement, and regulatory and permitting factors, prior to a project’s investment decision and its execution. OgeeDev personnel are senior-level subject matter experts who develop the project for a seamless hand-off to our project execution arm.

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Whether the energy project is small or complex, Solaris Solutions not only manages the commissioning and construction phases, but also provides constructability input throughout project development and execution. In the end, Solaris Solutions ensures a cost-effective project is delivered to the satisfaction of the client’s operations group, valuing project success and safety above all.

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Ensol Systems specializes in the research, development, and fabrication of clean technology solutions for the energy industry. Their in-house design and manufacturing services deliver power, security, communication, and technology products for all environments, tailored for each application. Utilizing fuel cells, wind and solar power, remote monitoring, intrinsically-safe communications, drones, and high integrity pressure protection systems, Ensol Systems offers clean, safe, reliable alternatives to deliver on clients’ environmental goals.

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