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Competency management

The Capstone ITS – Training Competency Assurance Program (TCAP) is a structured competency management framework that aligns employee career progression planning with employee training requirements and competency assurance measures. Career progression planning, industry best practice training, and competency assurance standards are operational must-haves for organizations to retain, develop and inspire a skilled workforce. TCAP competency management empowers an organization to clearly demonstrate its commitment to ensuring all three of these critical attributes are implemented throughout the organization to enable the organization to operate from a position of ensuring workforce safety, meeting operational KPIs, and maintaining regulatory compliance. Guided by the organization’s strategic growth and performance objectives, and underpinned by workforce knowledge, skills, and potential, the effective implementation of TCAP competency management is rightsized, scalable, and repeatable to ensure optimal business adoption and audit-ready operational performance.  

TCAP is an industry-proven and scalable framework

When implemented, TCAP competency management will inform strategic decisions and advance both short-term and long-term workforce planning initiatives.