Elevating Excellence: Decoding the Capstone ITS TRAIN Methodology

Are you looking for a training methodology that goes beyond just a process, representing a strategic framework based on adult learning theories, industry best practices, and instructional design excellence? If so, look no further than the Capstone ITS TRAIN Methodology.  


In this blog, we will explore the different phases of the TRAIN methodology and speak to each phase’s purpose, impact, and benefit. Join us to learn more about this innovative and effective training approach. 


Target outcomes 

At the start of a project, we conduct a thorough needs assessment to fully understand our clients’ desired training objectives and target outcomes and start to explore how the right potential training solution will address specific needs and lead to measurable improvements. Through this assessment, we identify performance gaps and better understand the current knowledge, skills, and competencies of our client’s workforce. With this insight, we further collaborate with our client to set target outcomes that underpin the company’s goals and align with adult learning theories, which consider adult learners’ self-directed and motivated nature 


Our training solutions focus on andragogy principles, emphasizing practicality and applicability so learners can utilize what they learn in real-world situations. Following this approach, we ensure that our training solutions are customized to the learners’ needs and efficiently achieve the desired target outcomes. 


Reimagine a training solution 

Moving into the strategic design phase, we blend project management best practices with instructional design excellence. This strategic collaboration ensures that our training solutions go beyond information dissemination—they become transformative adult learning experiences. Crafting the perfect training solution involves a meticulous approach that begins with a deep understanding of the target outcomes and learner analysis. At Capstone ITS, we recognize that each training solution must be tailored to our clients and their learners’ specific needs and goals. To achieve this, we delve into the intricacies of the target outcomes, ensuring that they are aligned with organizational objectives and resonate with the learners’ needs. Additionally, through continued and comprehensive learner analysis, we gain valuable insights into the learning audience’s skills, experiences, and preferences. 


By considering what content to deliver and how best to deliver it in a way that resonates with diverse learners, we create an immersive and engaging learning environment that facilitates meaningful knowledge retention and skill acquisition. Ultimately, we aim to empower learners to acquire new knowledge and apply it confidently in real-world scenarios through practical skills application, thereby driving tangible performance improvements and organizational success.  


Assemble deliverables 

At Capstone ITS, we prioritize collaboration with our clients throughout every step of the training solution development process. By fostering open communication, we actively seek input and feedback to tailor our deliverables to meet our client’s specified requirements. This approach allows us to anticipate and proactively address potential challenges, ensuring smooth implementation and seamless integration across our client’s organization. Whether customizing training materials or refining training delivery methods, we prioritize flexibility and adaptability to ensure the final training solution aligns perfectly with our client’s goals and objectives. 


Our team’s commitment to excellence and quality extends to engaging industry-leading Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) as part of our training solution development process. These SMEs are an integral part of the Capstone ITS Community. They bring invaluable insights and real-world experience, ensuring our training solutions are accurate, up-to-date, highly relevant, and impactful. By working hand in hand with our instructional design team and industry-leading SMEs, we ensure that our training solutions are meticulously crafted to meet the unique needs of our clients. 


Capstone ITS harnesses top-notch instructional design talent to ensure our training solutions are effective, engaging, and learner-centric. Our instructional design team comprised of seasoned professionals adept at translating complex concepts into accessible and impactful learning experiences. From structuring course content to designing interactive activities and assessments, our instructional designers leverage industry best practices and cutting-edge methodologies to create dynamic, immersive learning experiences. By prioritizing learner engagement and knowledge retention, we ensure that our training solutions resonate with participants and drive meaningful learning outcomes. 


Our team of technical writing experts, training and competency assurance specialists, and industry-leading SMEs work closely together to ensure a comprehensive and holistic approach to solution development. 


Implement your training solution 

As the curtain rises on implementation, three key elements must be considered: training the client, preparing the learners, and preparing the environment.  


Training the client involves equipping them with the necessary knowledge and skills to manage and administer the newly implemented training solutions effectively. This may include training sessions on using the learning management system, accessing training materials, and tracking learner progress. We empower clients to take ownership of their training initiatives and ensure long-term success. 


Preparing the learners is essential for fostering a positive learning experience. Our team will develop and deliver orientation sessions to familiarize learners with the training platform and newly implemented training solutions, explain expectations, and provide guidance on navigating the learning environment. We minimize learner apprehension and maximize engagement by setting clear expectations and providing adequate support. 


Preparing the environment involves ensuring the necessary infrastructure and resources are in place to support successful training solution implementation and deployment. This may include setting up physical training spaces, configuring technical equipment, and troubleshooting potential issues. Our team will work closely with clients to address logistical challenges and ensure a smooth transition to the training phase. 


Additionally, technology implementation is a critical aspect of this phase. Our team will provide technical support and training solution onboarding to ensure that the client trainers and learners can use the delivery training solutions effectively and that all have been seamlessly integrated with existing client technology systems, as needed. 


By addressing these key elements, we can ensure a successful implementation of training solutions, setting the stage for transformative educational experiences and a tangible positive net impact. 


Net impact 

The final act in the TRAIN methodology is the evaluation phase. This comprehensive evaluation ensures that our training solutions evolve to meet the changing needs of our client’s organization and their engaged workforce. 


We analyze data by conducting a summative evaluation to determine if target outcomes were met. This phase establishes a feedback loop for continuous improvement, ensuring the training solutions remain dynamic and effective. 


Although each TRAIN step includes a formative evaluation, this final evaluation is summative. This includes setting the criteria for evaluating the custom-tailored training solution’s effectiveness and ROI over time.  


Our TRAIN methodology is a strategic journey, explicitly integrating adult learning theories, industry best practices, and instructional design excellence. By doing so, we don’t just provide training—we create transformative experiences tailored to the unique needs of adult learners. 


With Capstone ITS, you can trust that your training initiatives will meet and exceed expectations, driving tangible results and fostering a culture of continuous learning and growth. 


Welcome to a new era of training solutions with Capstone ITS.