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LNG Academy powered by Capstone ITS Episode 1 Freeport LNG

Episode 1 – Freeport LNG

LNG Academy Episode 1: Freeport LNG Subscribe to our newsletter Alex Taimuri All right. Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to our first episode of the LNG Academy. So to give you a little bit of background, the LNG Academy is a virtual podcast series with the vision to simply spread the education and knowledge of the LNG industry. There’s a lot to be spoken about in the LNG industry from a commercial point of view, but we’d like to do a deeper dive into the technical elements of LNG. We believe that this is something that not only we could benefit from, but the industry as a whole. So we’re very excited to launch today our very first episode. Our first episode today, of course, Freeport LNG, the incident that happened this year. So we’re going to be doing a deeper dive into this incident, and I’m sure it’s on top

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