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HOUSTON, TEXAS: Capstone Industrial Training Solutions (ITS) has been collaborating with international small-scale LNG clients, most recently at the Hermosillo LNG plant in Sonora, Mexico. 


Capstone ITS is proud to have been awarded a contract by CryoSys LLC out of Houston, Texas to provide industry-leading technical writing services in support of CryoSys’ commitment to bring the Hermosillo LNG plant online.

CryoSys was contracted to deliver a 150,000 gallons per day liquefier using their optimized mixed refrigerant process. CryoSys also provided the pretreatment CO2 removal, dehydration, and utility systems. CryoSys’s unique approach to modularization and component prefabrication was key to minimizing field costs, schedule, and risk in the remote location.

Capstone ITS’ multidisciplinary team of experts in LNG operations and technical writing services provided CryoSys with high-quality Operation Manual deliverables that detailed 12 critical modules. These manuals provided the necessary knowledge to Hermosillo LNG plant staff to safely and efficiently operate all aspects of plant components and infrastructure.

By working with Capstone ITS we were able to leverage their expertise and focus our resources on building the projects. Capstone ITS were able to quickly develop operations manuals that were proficient, polished, and easy to follow, which supported us in our standardization efforts. We were able to incorporate lessons learned and site-specific content meaning our manuals have longevity and can be used on future projects.

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CryoSys - Hermosillo LNG Project, Sonora, Mexico

CryoSys_Tamaska LNG

CryoSys - Tamaska LNG Project, Fort Nelson, B.C.

After delivering a successful small-scale LNG training project with Hermosillo LNG in Sonora, Mexico, Capstone ITS has also been commissioned to produce operations training manuals for another CryoSys project, Tamaska LNG, located in Fort Nelson, British Columbia, Canada.


The Tamaska LNG plant is an inland, 30,000 gallons per day small scale LNG production facility loading LNG trucks, allowing northern communities and remote industries access to a lower cost and more environmentally sustainable fuel source. 

Capstone ITS’ team of training specialists were uniquely positioned to service these CryoSys projects by leveraging their LNG expertise and working closely with the team at CryoSys.

Our team was able to combine pre-existing LNG production knowledge and best practices with modern small-scale LNG production technology. We are excited to be in this space as we see immense growth potential in small-scale LNG as a clean fuel source and proud to be working with our innovative client CryoSys, who is pioneering this path forward in partnership with CryoPeak.

Learn more about CryoSys LLC here

CryoSys specializes in building optimized compact modular LNG and NGL plants. This approach gives plants immense flexibility and agility, as optimized compact modular design provides cost-effective and fully customizable plant design. CryoSys engineering has revolutionized LNG plant construction through innovative design which saves time, space and reduces overall equipment footprint.